June 7, 2018

7 Points Why Exercise is Important in Daily Life

1. Gives strength to your cardiovascular and respiratory systems

The word "cardiovascular system" indicates the circulation of your blood through your heart and blood vessels. Every beat of your heart into your body's intricate web of blood vessels, a surge of blood is delivered. Blood pressure is the pressure which is applied to your artery walls as passes through and gives aid to keep the blood flowing smoothly. If plaques in your arteries increase in your bloodstream because of cholesterol or by other things then it can impede your blood flow and bring life-threatening harm to your cardiovascular system.

When you do exercise daily, the whole entire cardiovascular system is benefitted. Doing exercise daily lowers the growth of plaques in arteries reducing the concentration of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and increasing the concentration of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in blood. HDL is a good and LDL is bad cholesterol for your body.

Exercise helps to lower blood pressure and gives benefits to the respiratory system by supporting rhythmic and deep breathing. And the good thing is your lungs develop better capacity. Therefore it makes better in taking oxygen to feed your cells. Looking at all these elements, exercise strengthens your cardiovascular and respiratory health and lowers the risk of associated diseases.

2. Keeps a healthy weight

Exercise helps to attain or keep a healthy weight by burning calories. Your body needs energy in a certain amount to proceed the functions to sustain life. When you do exercise, the body works harder and requires more calories. Even when you stop to do exercise, continually the body burns calories at a simply increased amount for a few hours. When you do more exercise intensely than the more calories will burn.

When you burn calories more than you take in, you can lower body fat which gives you a healthier body structure. You may feel good and better by reducing fat and can lower your risk of obesity. Keeping a healthy body weight eases force on your bones and joints, that may help to prevent arthritis.

3. Makes your bones and muscles strong

The good choice to prevent the bone-weakening disease osteoporosis is by doing exercise regularly. You can do strength training exercises like lifting weights which are extremely helpful. Also other major are exercises that carry your body's weight, for example walking and jogging.

By doing strength training and weight-bearing exercises, it helps to protect bone mass and can even increase bone density. That means your bones may become stronger. You can boost your balance and coordination by strengthening your bones and muscles, decreasing your fear of falls.

4. Mitigate depression and reduces stress 

Exercise is important because it fights against depression by activating the neurotransmitters ( chemicals taken by nerve cells to communicate with each other and related to refraining depression). Norepinephrine and Serotonin are those neurotransmitters. It's level and their balance with one another takes a part in how you act to daily events. When you feel depression, both serotonin and norepinephrine levels can be out of sync. Exercise can give aid to synchronize those brain chemicals.

Exercise stimulates the development of endorphins which provides natural pain relief and develop feelings of well-being and assist to feel you relax. So to remove stress at work or by some other things, simply workout at a gym or go for a 30-minute walk that will help you to calm down.

5. Prevent Diabetes 

Taking a healthy diet and doing daily exercise regularly helps to prevent two kinds of diabetes. A state that impacts the way your body consumes blood sugar. 

Exercise may help in reducing your blood sugar and insulin work better. Sugar is used as energy when your muscles contract while doing exercise. To meet this energy requirement from your blood, sugar is removed while doing exercise and after exercise. So that your blood sugar is reduced and rises sensitivity to insulin. It allows using available insulin to your body orderly to take sugar into your cells.

6. Prevents Cancer

Daily exercise helps to reduce the risk of cancers such as breast, colon, and prostate. According to the research, exercise may help combat colon cancer by helping digested food move through the colon fastly.

Exercise reduces body fat and decreases estrogen production which reduces the risk of uterine and breast cancer. (Estrogen, successively, has been shown to bear the growth of some female cancers, including breast and endometrial cancers. And researchers are unsure about how exercise lowers the risk of prostate cancer.)

7. Better Sleep

A well night's sleep benefits and maintain your mental and physical health. Exercise before (at least 3 hours) will help you to feel relaxed and a better sleep at night. 

Exercise helps you to live healthily and more years independently. Regular exercise gives you good quality life so exercise has big importance and benefits in our life. 


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