June 22, 2018

Health benefits of Carrots - The super orange vegetable

Carrots are the orange color vegetables which have an incredible taste. Mostly used as a salad, carrots are popular worldwide. If we see in India then carrots are called Gajar and people make a dish called  Gajar ka Haluwa from carrots. It is a very famous food in India. Along with its taste, there are a lot of health benefits of carrots. When we search for the health benefits of carrots than we will find many like lowers cholesterol, lowers heart attack's risk, prevents cancer and improves eye vision. 

Carrots have the following health benefits: 

Prevent Cancer: Carrots are known for reducing the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer, according to the study. One important thing Falcarinol is produced by carrots, which is a natural pesticide and it gives protection to roots from fungal diseases. Carrots are one of the only usual sources of this compound. According to a research showed that women who consumed 5-8 times raw carrots have fewer chances to develop breast cancer than women who did not take carrots. 

Prevent Heart Diseases: According to the research, it shows that diets which are rich in carotenoids are related to reducing heart disease risk. Carrots contain not only beta-carotene but have alpha-carotene and lutein also. 

Gives Boost to immunity system: Carrots includes many nutrients and antioxidants. They also contain vitamin C, and all these will strengthen your immune system. Consuming carrots regularly produces protective shield for your body.

Healthy Skin: Carrots contain Vitamin-A and antioxidants which gives skin protection from sun damage. Lack of vitamin-A makes your skin dry, also nail and hair. So carrots provide vitamin A and it prevents dry skin, acne, premature wrinkling and uneven skin tone.

Eye Health: Carrot contain high beta-carotene, and in the liver, it is changed into vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A can create some problem to see in a dim light. So rich in vitamin A, carrots help for eyesight improvement and prevent night blindness depending on your age.

Help in Digestion: Carrots contain a high amount of fiber that is important in the digestion process. Without fiber, the body's system cannot easily throw waste materials. If fiber lacks in your diet then it may give the result of constipation and even hemorrhoids, which can be seriously painful, so consuming carrots can help to prevent it. 

Prevention of Stroke: According to the study of Harvard University, in a week who ate five or more carrots have a fewer chance to suffer from a stroke than who did not eat or less than one.  


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