June 15, 2018

The important Garlic and its super health benefits

Garlic is a species that come from the onion family. Same as an onion it grows in the shape of the bulb under the ground. It is used in cooking and found almost in every kitchen. It is specially used to give the taste of the cooked food. If we look at the Asian and Indian cuisine then it is commonly found and a must needed species. There are many health benefits of garlic. Below we have mentioned some important benefits shortly.

Prevent Food Poison 

Garlic is familiar with Antibacterial and antiviral properties. They can benefit from killing bacteria( E. coli and salmonella)  to prevent food poison. Not only this but garlic aids with bacterial, yeast, worm, fungal, and viral infections.

Increase metabolism

We can obtain diallyl sulfides from garlic and in the body, it increases Ferroportin. Also garlic aids in increasing the metabolism of iron.

Mitigate a toothache 

Garlic contains antibacterial and analgesic powers which may help to mitigate the pain of a toothache problem. 

Lessen Weight

Intake of garlic helps to decrease the production of fat cells in the body and anti-inflammatory element of garlic, that decrease the production of fat. 

Cancer Prevention

If you are consuming garlic daily in different ways then you are reducing some cancer risk. As garlic has allyl sulfides which prevent in developing of cancer cells. 

Lower blood pressure 

Garlic contains allicin that aids to lower the blood pressure and polysulfides are transformed to hydrogen sulfide. And in the blood pressure, this sulfide also aids to control. 

Heart Health

As we know garlic contains sulfides and it helps to make safe heart health and prevents artery hardening. Also, garlic acts as a blood thinner. Therefore in blood vessels, it prevents clots. 

Reduce Cholesterol 

Another characteristic of garlic is it reduces the cholesterol level. As well as it aids to lower the development of plaque. 

 Skin infections 

When we consume garlic then we obtain chemical compound ajoene which is a colorless liquid. It aids cure skin infections that are caused by fungus, as athlete's foot and ringworm. 

 Helps in Allergy 

You can consume juice made of raw garlic which helps to stop the itching against rashes and bug bites. Garlic may help to make better airway case by cause of allergic reactions.


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