June 14, 2018

The Amazing Health Benefits of drinking lemon juice

Lemon juice includes 6% citric acid that gives the sour taste. Popular for its sour taste lemon contains a high amount of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and calcium. Lemon juice is liked by the people because it has countless health benefits.

Lemon juice is widely used in weight loss plan due to its wonderful digestive aid liver cleanser. Why should we drink lemon juice and what are its benefits, maybe people are unknown about it? So this article helps to make known about its excellent benefits.

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Fever: Lemon juice is very helpful and treats an individual, suffering from flu, cold or fever. When you drink lemon water in this situation then it increases perspiration and breaks the fever.

Helps in itch: When you have the situation of insect bites or poison ivy then you can use lemon juice on that particular area. It helps to soothe skin because it contains anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.

Helps Digestion: Lemon juice supports healthy digestion. In your digestive tract, it helps in loosening toxins as well as it helps to mitigate indigestion symptoms like heartburn, bloating and burping.

Balances pH levels: Lemon is considered best among the alkalizing fruits. It contains citric and ascorbic acid, both these acids help to maintain the pH levels. When the body has too much acidity that it can be inflammatory, so a good pH level is necessary for the body. If you drink lemon water regularly in the morning on the empty stomach then it helps to eliminate acidity in the body.

Osteoporosis:  Lemon juice is a high source of vitamin C and it is very important for our body and helps to absorb calcium. Also, fight against osteoporosis. Two spoons of raw lemon juice diluted in a cup of hot water are nice for women at pregnancy period because it helps the bones development of the unborn child.

Help to remove toxin: Drinking lemon juice helps to eliminate wastage materials because, in the body, lemon juice increases the ratio of urination. Therefore, toxins are moved out fastly that helps to maintain urinary tract healthier.

Cleanses the liver: Lemon juice works as a liver cleanser by supporting in detoxification. Lemon water does the work of purifying and stimulating the liver by boosting the making of bile. ( an acid needed for digestion process) Lemon water also assists in excess bile flow, reduce the amount of phlegm, which is built by the body and helps in dissolving gallstones.

Radiation: While lemon juice is outstanding at cleansing the blood and eliminating toxins, it is the best way to eliminate radiation from the body. If you have had radiation, drinking daily lemon juice can help to clear the remaining radiation from the body.

Clears Skin: Regular intake of hot lemon water can bring a big change in your skin appearance. It helps to encourage the development of new blood cells and purify the blood. Lemon contains high vitamin C and other antioxidants which helps to maintain the skin and protects from wrinkles and blemishes.


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