June 24, 2018

Health Benefits of Potatoes why it is so important?

Everybody knows potatoes because it is very popular and significant food sources. All over potatoes are widely used and they have countless health benefits which make them an essential food source in our daily life. Potatoes are good for digestion, heart health, cancer and many more. Here are the main benefits of potatoes which makes them so special.

Bone health

Potatoes contain phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc that help the body to develop, support and strengthen your bone structure. Important roles are played by iron and zinc in the maturation and production of collagen. Calcium and phosphorus are also crucial in bone structure, but it is necessary to balance the two minerals for appropriate bone mineralization. If there are too much phosphorus and little calcium then it leads towards bone loss and helps to osteoporosis.


Potatoes have folate and it has a significant role in DNA synthesis and repair, therefore it helps to maintain various types of cancer cells from forming because of mutations in the DNA. When we intake fiber from vegetables or fruits such as potatoes are connected with a decreased risk of colorectal cancer. Vitamin C and quercetin also play the role of antioxidants, keeps away or protect cells against harm from free radicals.

Blood pressure

For a healthy blood pressure, it is necessary to maintain low sodium intake and intake of high potassium can be significant because it improves vasodilation or expanding of the blood vessels. As potato contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium which are very supportive to lower blood pressure naturally.

Heart health

Potatoes are loaded with potassium, vitamin C, fiber and vitamin B6 content and with their low cholesterol, all benefit heart health. They have crucial amounts of fiber and aids to reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore lowers the heart disease risks.

Weight management

As we know, in weight loss dietary fibers are known as major factors. They are presented as bulking agents in our digestive system and encourage satiety and decrease appetite. Therefore, a person experience fuller for a long time and less likely to take more calories.

 Digestion and regularity

Potatoes have fiber content and this plays a significant role in preventing constipation and encouraging regularity for a healthy digestive tract.


Potatoes contain a very important and flexible nutrient called choline. It aids with the movement of muscles, learning, and memory. There are also benefits such as improving the structure of cellular membranes, absorption of fat, early brain development and transmitting nerve impulses.


Potatoes are rich in vitamin B6. And it plays a key role in energy metabolism by breaking down and proteins and carbohydrates towards glucose and amino acids. In the body, these smaller compounds are simply used for energy.


Vitamin C performs as an antioxidant to aid prevent damage happened by sun, smoke, and pollution. Vitamin C also supports collagen smooth wrinkles and make better overall skin texture.


Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and so Vitamin C help lower the seriousness and duration of a cold.