June 25, 2018

Health benefits of watermelon that we need to know

Watermelon has many health benefits. According to some studies, intake of watermelon frequently reduces the risk of obesity and entire mortality, heart disease, and diabetes. Not only this but watermelon helps in boosting healthy skin texture and hair, improved energy and decrease weight.

Health benefits of watermelon

1. Cancer

Watermelons are rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamin C. Watermelon can aid fight the production of free radicals admitted causing cancer. Also, intake of Lycopene has been connected with a lowered risk of prostate cancer in various studies.

2. Asthma Prevention

There are certain nutrients that lower the risk of asthma after consuming them highly. Among them, Vitamin C is the one, which is included in many fruits and vegetables and so on watermelon.

3. Blood Pressure

A study that was done on American Journal of Hypertension concluded that watermelon extract supplementation enhanced the health of the circulatory system in middle-aged obese people with prehypertension or stage 1 hypertension. Watermelon also contains lycopene that can help prevent against heart disease.

4. Eye Health

Watermelons are very good for eyes because they are rich in beta-carotene that transforms into vitamin A in the body. Therefore, watermelon supports eye health.

5. Skin

Vitamin A is found in watermelon which is very good for skin. This is the needed nutrient for sebum production, that maintains hair moisturized. Also for the development of all bodily tissues, consisting of hair and skin, vitamin A is essential. Moreover, watermelon is good for hydration, that encourages healthy hair and skin.

6. Hydration

We know that watermelon includes 92% of water and complete electrolytes can be a good snack during sunny summer months to stay out from dehydration. You can take it as frozen in slices also for better taste.

7. Inflammation

Watermelons have choline and it is a very significant and flexible nutrient. It supports our body in sleep, muscle movement, memory, and learning. On the formation of cellular membranes, choline helps to improve, supports the transmission of nerve impulses, helps in the absorption of fat, and lowers chronic inflammation.

8. Digestion 

Watermelon consists of more water and fiber content which supports to prevent constipation and for a healthy digestive tract, it encourages regularity.

9. Muscle soreness

Watermelon has been linked to decreasing muscle soreness and enhance recovery time following workouts in athletes. Researchers have found that this is likely because of amino acid L-citrulline which is found in watermelon. 


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