June 23, 2018

Why Health Insurance is so important ?

Health insurance means an insurance coverage which pays the cost of an insured medical and surgical expenses. This article will try to make you clear about health insurance importance. As it may not be a much appealing thing to shop but it is a very important thing. For yourself, you can buy health insurance which will be very effective for you.

Here are the three simple reasons that why do we need Health Insurance

1. Helps to save money on Health Care

If you look at yearly physical, emergency care or any prescription medication then you will find health care can get quite expensive. For example, an average treatment cost of broken hand is over $3000 then health insurance pays a part of the costs of your healthcare. Additionally, you can better rates for services from health insurance companies. Therefore you don't need to pay all the amount. We know that nobody knows the future and even if you are not visiting the doctor frequently, mishaps happen, and anytime you can get sick for different reasons. Therefore, it's better to be prepared than to regret.

2. Helps you to keep healthy in different ways

As we all know screening tests, check-ups, immunizations all can provide the significant medical conditions. As a benefit for us health insurance plans cover some prophylactic services free at all when you join an in-network provider. There are also some plans that provide a free visit to the nutritionist. Moreover, value-added wellness programs such as repayment for gym fees, fitness gear discounts and activities or programs that aid you in weight loss and quit smoking. 

3. By Law

In the USA, most of Americans are required to have health insurance according to the Affordable Care Act. If you have then no need to worry, you can get it from an employer or you can straightly buy from the health insurance company. As well as you can choose health insurance plans from Health insurance Marketplace. And if you are worried about the cost then you can qualify for monthly low costs. 


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