August 8, 2018

6 Helpful Health Tips for Pregnant Women-Follow the Tips

What are the 6 helpful tips for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is an important period where the mother should be very careful. It is not possible to protect against each and every difficulty. But some directions can take you to make sure your baby is growing in a healthy way.

This article 6 helpful health tips for pregnant women will definitely help the pregnant women. But you will have to follow seriously.

Below is the 6 helpful health tips for pregnant women that will help the pregnant women in the first trimester.

Folic acid and Vitamin D

Intake of folic acid lowers your baby's of neural tube defects to nearly zero. It is a perfect begin taking it three months previously origination however if you have become late don't stress yet begin taking the day by day prescribed every day sum now and keep taking it until the finish of the first trimester.

Vitamin D has an important role in developing baby's healthy teeth, muscles, and bones. In your body, it aids to maintain the levels of calcium and phosphate. Also, it is required to make your teeth and bones healthy.

And if you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency then it is important to take vitamin D supplement regularly.

Don't sit too much. Be active

If you sit too much then it's not good for you and your baby. Sitting too much increases risk of weight gain. Not only this but increases the risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and varicose veins. Probably you may also have lower back pain and shortness of breath.

Before pregnant, if you were doing exercises then you can keep doing exercise at the same level but you should also be careful and listen to your body. When you feel uncomfortable then you need to slow down. The major point is that you should be active and avoid sitting too much.

Eat the rainbow for good health

While about eating focus on eating vegetables which colorful. For instance green spinach, red apples, orange carrots, blueberries and yellow bananas. Colorful foods deliver a wide range of nutrients antioxidants which will uncover your baby to a variety of tastes and flavors. Always remember your baby eats what you eat via the amniotic fluid, so it is on your hand.

Sleep on your side in the third trimester

You have to know that sleeping on your back in the third trimester may increase the huge risk of stillbirth. While you are wake up, you can be in any positions but when you go to sleep it is important to sleep on your side which is considered safe for your baby.

Notice the baby's movements

It is important that the baby's movements give the sign of the baby is well. Around week 24 they settle into a regular pattern. Notice the pattern at this time and if there's any doubt then contact the doctor immediately.

Always stay hydrated

Pregnant women should always stay hydrated because it aids prevent preterm labor. Also supports to prevent headaches, kidney stones, and dizziness. You have to identify your urine. For instance, if the color of the urine is light yellow then you are well hydrated. But if the color is dark then simply you need to increase in drinking water.


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