August 15, 2018

Good Sleep: 10 Foods you should take before going to bed

If you don't get good sleep then obviously you will not be healthy. Therefore good sleep is very important to be healthy. Getting good sleep is inconceivably important for your overall health.

When we talk about health benefits then good sleep is also one of the major things to stay healthy. Good sleep diminishes the danger of developing certain chronic illnesses, improve the immune system and maintain the digestion and brain healthy.

Here are the 10 foods list that helps to get good sleep. You should take these foods before going to bed. To know more about the foods are given below. 


A great source of tryptophan and rich in protein, turkey is the best food before going to bed which will make you full.


Rich in healthy fats, almonds are the good foods before the bed which is also rich in tryptophan and magnesium.


Bananas relax your muscles because they are high on magnesium. Bananas are loaded with serotonin and melatonin that helps to give good sleep.


Eggs are loaded with amino acid tryptophan, that performs an important part in the sleep cycle.


Walnuts come in the list because of its hormone melatonin that regulates the sleep.


You get vitamins, minerals, and amino acids when you eat oats. It also encourages sleep-inducing melatonin.


Kiwi also has serotonin, a brain chemical that aids maintain your sleep cycle.


Pineapple is a good source or melatonin, the key hormone organizes the body to sleep on time.


Milk includes the amino acid tryptophan, therefore drinking milk before bed encourages a good sleep.


Cherries have melatonin, the chemical that aids regulate our body.


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