September 11, 2018

Health & Well Being, Are we losing the war on health?

As a Health & Wellness Coach for more than 30 years, I am always researching, learning, and trying out new methods. I never recommend anything that I would not use myself. I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe or tell you what you should or should not be taking. I can only give you information so that you can decide on what you need.

For the last 30 years, we have been bombarded with information on vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. In the early 70’s no one had heard of Aloe Vera now almost everyone has heard about it, used it or drank it.

The next 30-year wave is going to be about Life Cellular supplements. Until today you may never have heard about Redox Molecules but give it time and everyone will know about them. 

The latest research on the medical platform for research, I have found over 15,000 articles on Redox Molecules. I decided to delve more deeply into what these molecules are and I now realise how important they are to keep us healthy, fit, young and keeping our trillions of cells in tip-top condition.

Background on these amazing molecules goes back some 30 years. The medical profession just thought it was a waste product that our cells produced. Then science began to research these molecules and they found out that they are in fact extremely important to the health of our cells. They are the signaling mechanism to tell the cells what they need to repair themselves. This major discovery was in 1998 and the first Noble Prize on Redox Molecules was awarded. 

Since then the race has been on to commercialize these molecules outside of the human body. Until about 10 years ago it had been deemed impossible to achieve. Scientists found that when they created these molecules outside of the body within minutes the molecules would turn back to salt water.
A healthy child before puberty will have a full supply of these molecules. As we age we are exposed to pollutants, chemicals, poor food choices, sunscreens, makeup etc. Our bodies lose the ability to make and keep up a healthy supply of these molecules.

By the age of 50, our Redox Molecules will have dwindled to less than 60% and our bodies heal more slowly or not at all. We find ourselves having more aches and pains and our disease factors skyrocket. 

Fortunately, there is good news on the horizon, a company called ASEA has finally managed to stabilize these very important reactive molecules outside of the body. Finally, our body’s natural defence mechanisms can be supplemented directly and in a way that is totally native to the body. Every cell of every living person has Redox Molecules but sadly they deplete over time, but now we can replace those losses.

This is an entirely new approach to health. Supplements are typically designed to help improve nutrition and increase the availability of vitamins and minerals to the body. By themselves, they only do part of the job. When a cell is damaged it can only repair in the presence of Redox Molecules. 

These molecules muster the body’s own healing capability and for the first time you can replace and reinforce that which your body creates naturally and stimulate your body to heal itself. These molecules are more than a supplement – they are fundamental to health and wellness.

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Article By: Colette Garside


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